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India is the land of diversity where different religion, culture, tradition have been practicing. People from every nook and corner visit this spiritual land that is known for different verities of cuisines, lifestyle and what not.

Traveler’s trip to India will give the feel of Maharaja during their Rajasthan tour where they can explore gorgeous Forts and Havelis of Rajputs. Along with exploring incredible beauty of North India, one should not miss the southern part of India which is famous for South Indian temples and Goa beaches. Your South Indian Tour will not be completed without visiting Kerala and having the experience of houseboat stay and backwaters. India tours are also about exploring wildlife habitat of India and knowing the activities of animals including Bengal tiger, Indian elephants, wide variety of birds and other creatures. During your visit to India, your stay will be in the heritage hotels that gives you the feel of great Indian hospitality.

Our zeal always makes your voyage a remarkable one that makes travelers to visit India again and again. Find more about us below.

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If you reject the food, ignore the customs, fear the religion and avoid the people, you might better stay at home.” -- James Michener

“Travel is the frivolous part of serious lives; and the serious part of frivolous ones.” -- Anne Sophie Swetchine

“Why travel – because the world was meant to be experienced, not imagined.” – Chris Guillebeau

Many people dealing with travel don’t understand why people travel and what they want from their travelling experience. The reason many travel-related businesses offer much formatted, expected, conventional comfort zones in the form of “facilities” to their guests – something that the guests don’t want.

India Travel Destinations are known all over the globe and Travel to India is a dream for many travelers. This is because most people travel precisely to leave their comfort zones behind and to experience the stimulating, the adventurous, the unknown and the unfamiliar. As Mark Twain said “Travel is fatal to prejudice, bigotry, and narrow-mindedness.”

There are the business executives, the cultural celebrities and political representatives, who travel not for experiencing the new lands and people, but to negotiate about and promote their activities. They don’t “travel” in the real sense of the world, but rather, they go from one place to another and stay for a short duration in different places in order to promote and make deals about their work. Many of them really look for the comfort zones that they are familiar with in their own homes. Holidays in India gives you the feel of being at home.

Many travel-related enterprises don’t discern this essential difference between the two broad categories of travelers in the world. They manage their travel needs in the same indistinct manner, without understanding that these two categories of travelers have very different, often exactly opposite travel-related needs. Trip to India will add the life time experience in your life.

We at Travel Fair India endeavor to understand the specific differences between travel related needs of different categories of travelers. We strive to offer you the very best services during your India tours which are well-suited for your specific travel needs. When you want Travel Fair India to be with you to serve you, we are there with you, offering you the best services. When you would prefer to be on your own, Travel Fair India continues to serve you, without being intrusive into your travel itinerary.

Exploring India is unique experience for one to enjoy India tour packages. India is a country full of surprises for the inquisitive, diversity of cultures and adventures for the explorer and of opportunities for the seeker of business and political deals. Five thousand years of Indian history, its multi-faceted ecological zones and the expertise of human resources in modern technology make India an ideal traveler’s paradise, a photographer’s dream and a business and political representative’s destination. It is said that seeing India is like seeing a major part of human history and world.

Travel Fair India understands many diverse ways in which India can be experienced and tapped by the different categories of travelers. By using our travel-related services, you experience the best of privileges and arrangements related to Tour packages in India, while being at your own distinct and individual self and experiencing India the way no other travel-related enterprise can bring to you. Travelling with Travel Fair India, you explore the many unknown facets of this diverse country, avail the most efficient services on your business trips and enjoy the magnificent hospitality that Indians are famous for in your India Tour.

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Golden Triangle Tours Golden Triangle Tours

Golden Triangle Tours are the tours where travelers get to explore three royal cities of India and their culture, tradition, cuisine and so on. The three cities are Delhi, Agra and Jaipur.

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India Historical and Heritage Tours India Historical & Heritage Tours

As we all know that India has great history in itself. In ‘India historical & Heritage Tours,’ travelers get to explore the forts, palaces and things that reveal the history of ancient time.

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India Adventure and Wildlife Tours India Adventure & Wildlife Tours

When it comes to adventure & wildlife, India is not behind to anyone. It has enormous places for adventure and habitat for wide variety of wild-life creatures.

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India Cultural Tours India Cultural Tours

India is the only country in the universe where you will find multi-cultures. In ‘India cultural Tours,’ travelers get to experience the different cultures where people practice different rituals.

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Kerala South India Tours Kerala South India Tours

South India, the place known for multi culture, garlanded temples and natural environment of nature. In Kerala South India Tours, travelers also get to enjoy the Ayurvedic treatments.

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Spa, Yoga and Ayurveda Tours Spa, Yoga & Ayurveda Tours

Spa, Yoga & Ayurveda is one of the old evolutions of the world and India is known for treatment of Spa, Yoga & Ayurveda. These packages are specially found in Kerala, India.

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Himalaya and Hills of India Himalaya & Hills of India

Hills in India are known for its enormous beauty of nature. In Himalaya & Hills of India, travelers get to explore the beauty of snow capped mountains with thrilling experience of life.

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India Pilgrimage Tours India Pilgrimage Tours

India is the land of spirituality where you find different kinds of people practicing different religion customs. In India Pilgrimage tour, you will get to experience the multi-religions of India.

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India Honeymoon Packages India Honeymoon Packages

India has wide variety of places where you can choose your honeymoon places accordingly. It is the perfect and complete places to begin your new life with beauty of nature.

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Ladakh, Nepal and Bhutan Tours Ladakh, Nepal & Bhutan Tours

If you love adventure, thrill and want to experience something unique then Ladakh, Nepal & Bhutan Tours is the perfect choice for you to explore beauty of Himalayan Mountains.

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Speciaal Interest Tours Special Interest Tours

Are you looking to explore something that has a great history in itself or want to know multi-culture of India? If yes, then Special Interest Tours are best for you to explore real colors of India.

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India Signature Journeys India Signature Journeys

India Signature journeys will leave the mark of memories in your heart always. Here travelers get to explore places that relate one with Lord Buddha and its life time journey.

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Rajasthan Tours Rajasthan Tours

In Rajasthan Tours, Travelers get to explore the colors of India with royal culture, tradition and life-style of Rajasthan. It is the only state in India that still follows its medieval culture and tradition.

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Kerala Tours Kerala Tours

God’s own country is the perfect destination for travelers where one gets to enjoy the extreme adventure, culture and tradition of Kerala with houseboat cruise, backwaters, Kerala cuisine etc.

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Himalaya and India Hills Tours Himalaya & India Hills Tours

Wanted to explore snow capped mountains of Himalaya? Choose Himalaya & India Hills Tours and explore the regions of Himalaya and Indian hills along with the beauty of nature.

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Bhutan Tours Bhutan Tours

Bhutan is blessed with the natural beauty of mountains, thick green forests and what not. Bhutan is also known as ‘kingdom of the Himalayas.’ Do choose Bhutan tours to discover nature on its best.

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Nepal Tours Nepal Tours

Nepal is known for its charm with background beauty of snow capped Himalayan Mountains. To explore something different in culture, tradition and life style, a one should not skip visiting Nepal.

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Leh Laddakh Tours Leh Laddakh Tours

Leh-Ladakh is the place where travelers get to enjoy adventure and culture at one place. In Leh Laddakh Tours, travelers get to enjoy the breath taking view of mountains and beauty of lakes.

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North India Tours North India Tours

The beauty of North India that touches your soul with its wonderful pilgrimage places, hill stations, beautiful valleys and so on. Choose North India Tours and explore the best of best.

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South India Tours South India Tours

South India is the enchanting part of India where travelers get to explore temples of medieval times, multi-cultures, tradition, hill stations, green beauty of coffee/tea estates etc.

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Rajasthan Tours Rajasthan Tours

In Rajasthan Tours, travelers get to witness the great Rajputana culture, tradition and life-style. Here in Rajasthan, you can still find the old customs, traditions, culture, cuisine and so on.

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Central India Tours Central India Tours

Travelers will get to explore wide collection of temples, monuments, forts etc in the heart of the India. Choose Central India Tours and experience the vast culture and tradition of India.

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North East India Tours North East India Tours

North-east Indian is mainly known for eco-friendly environment. In North East India Tours, travelers get to explore the natural beauty of seven states that are commonly known as seven sisters.

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India, Nepal and Bhutan Tours India, Nepal and Bhutan Tours

Here in India, Nepal and Bhutan Tours, traveler will get to enjoy all in one roof. Travelers can experience multi-cultures of India, natural beauty of Bhutan and Himalayan mountains of Nepal.

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